Resource library

Some of our best opportunities for growth come from jumping in the deep end and giving things a go, while others come from the things we read, listen to and watch.

I have put together a mini-library of some of the things that have positively impacted me and the way I live my life. Some of these won't be a fit for you, right now or maybe not ever, which is why I encourage you to explore widely and become a sponge for knowledge and learning.

In the spotlight

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Glennon Doyle

This beautiful book has altered the way I see myself in ways that I never thought possible. I feel like it's not only okay to be human, it is a vital part of this life I am trying to navigate. 

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On Joy and Life
Matthew McConaughey 

Producer, writer and Academy Award winning actor, delivers motivation like few others can. This authenthic speec about joy and happiness left me moved and inspired. 

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Super Soul Conversations

Oprah Winfrey & Guests

Oprah's sits down with spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss connection, meaning and why we are here.  

"It is through others that we become ourselves."

Lev S. Vygotsky

Reading time

As an avid reader, of both fiction and non-fiction, I believe that books have the ability to teach and guide us in such beautiful ways, as we navigate the journey that is our lives.

Untamed | Glennon Doyle

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man | Emmanuel Acho

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

Braving the Wilderness | Brene Brown

The Resilience Project | Hugh Van Cuylenburg

The Untethered Soul | Michael A. Singer

The Road Less Travelled | M. Scott Peck

Becoming | Michelle Obama

Tiny Habits  |  BJ Fogg PhD

The Other Black Girl | Zakiya Dahlia Harris

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself | Dr Joe Dispenza

I'm Still Here | Austin Channing Brown

Rock your Light | Tracey Spencer

Find a Way: One Untamed and Courageous Life | Diana Nyad

The Power of Now | Eckhart Tolle

Tuesdays with Morrie | Mitch Abom

Revelation | Russell Brand

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior | Dan Millman

The Life you were Born to Live | Dan Millman

Think Like a Monk | Jay Shetty

Bolder | Carl Honore

This Chair Rocks - A Manifesto Against Ageism | Ashton Applewhite

Have a listen

I love that I can flick on my phone no matter where I am and have easy access to audio books, podcasts, interviews, webinars. Here's a few of my walking/driving/lunch-breaking go-tos as well as some that are on my 'to listen' pile (recommendations from my beautiful community).

Be Anitracist | Ibram X. Kendi

We Can Do Hard Things | Glennon Doyle

The Guilty Feminist | Deborah Frances-White

Under the Skin | Russell Brand

Unlocking Us | Brene Brown

The Priestess Podcast | Julie Parker

The Imperfects | Hugh Van Cuylenburg & Ryan Shelton

Real Rebel | Katie Buemann

Shine Online | Ellie Swift

Super Soul | Oprah Winfrey

The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown

The Universe Has Your Back | Gabrielle Bernstein

Live your Lightwork | Tracey Spencer

The Women of Influence | Kate Meade

For your viewing

Film and other visual mediums have always provided me not only with a form of entertainment, but also a valuable opportunity to learn and grow through the inspiring eyes of others.

'What can we do to help and uplift one another,
to make this world a better place? It's up to you.'