99% commitment is pretty tough

Updated: Jan 12

I had to think about this statement the first time I saw it. What did it mean by 99 percent commitment is hard? 99 percent is pretty good isn't it. I'd be happy with that.

Then I got it. The things I am 100 percent committed to are easy, a no brainer. That tiny one percent is the back door, always ajar, ready for me to slip out, hopefully without being noticed.

My kids for example. I don’t even think about it, I’m just all in – no question, no doubt, no hard work required. I’m not sure if that occurred naturally during birth or if I made a choice somewhere along the way. Either way, my commitment to them is rock solid.

I commit to a bucketload of other things, every day actually. I commit to my health, to practicing yoga, to writing, to not drinking alcohol, to meditation, to not eating junk food, to being kinder to myself, to learning a language… you name it, I've probably committed to it at some point in my life. But what I started to get curious about is why I commit to all these things. Warning – if you don’t want to see the truth, you shouldn’t start digging around. I could have done with that warning before I picked up this particular shovel, but of course now it’s too late.

I commit because I want to look good. I want to please people, I want to belong, I want to feel worthy, I want people to like me and I want to be perfect. Not, I repeat NOT, because those things are fulfilling or contribute to my happiness. I’m doing them in order to change or improve or fix a part of me so that one day I might be enough.

And let me tell you - being the 99 percent girl is exhausting!

I'm not alone on the quest to become the perfect superhuman. I've got company. Maybe I've even see you on the road somewhere. Sometimes the road is so busy I have to elbow others out of the way in the hope being the first to reach that glorious podium of perfection. Top three is not likely to cut it.

So the moral of this little brain dump is to remind you (and me) that my life can be a whole lot easier if I ditch the pleasing and perfection and just focus on what I love, what makes my heart sing.

A little P.S. or B.T.W. or whatever the latest way to say additional note is – This doesn't mean it's 100 percent or nothing for me from here on in. I'm human, remember, we all are. We are stumbling along, doing the best we can, every moment of every day. Life isn't about perfection, its about being conscious, then choosing from there.

“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.” (Anonymous)
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