Get off the perfection train

And the award for Perfect Mum of the Year goes to... drumroll please...

You wait for your name to be called. You're positive it's going to be you this year. How could it not be? You have gone above and beyond this year, way way beyond. You've been at every sports day, every school assembly. Your kids school lunches are the envy of mother's everywhere with your homemade (from scratch I might add), sugar free, banana muffins and veggies sticks and little tubs of hummus. Not a processed, pre-packaged snack in sight. You even avoided using any form of screen as a babysitter for the entire 365 and a quarter days, even when you were juggling kids and work deadlines from home during school holidays. You were a yes machine, fulfilling every one of their needs - play dates, themed birthday parties, school holidays bursting with zoo visits and scavenger hunts in the park.

You wait patiently for your name to be called, running through that mental checklist of everything you did to ensure your children came first, that their lives were perfect. Doubt starts to creep in as you remember that one time where you had that important meeting with a new client and you missed soccer practice. Shit! Jenny has four kids plus a business and she never misses practice!

And that time when you daughter was telling you how she and Annabelle got into a fight about who Gemma like more out of the two of them. You honestly couldn't care less about Gemma - you had dinner to prepare and a proposal to get out and the accountant screaming for you to send him receipts or something.

The very fact that you worry about being a good mum means that you are one. Jodi Picoult

OMG, I am exhausted just writing all that, let alone living it, which is what so many working mums deal with every day. But here's the thing, all you gorgeous perfection chasing mummas out there - this imaginary award that we all seem to strive for is a joke, and not the haha kind but the don't you think it's time we ditched it kind.

This impossible checklist does not make you a perfect mum. In fact, there is no such thing as perfect anything, and even if there was, I guarantee you would always find the gap. You'd always see something missing in how you are doing or what you could be doing better for those gorgeous tiny humans you created.

You're kids don't need perfect! They need real. They need love. They need you, exactly the way you are, and the way you are not. It's not the homemade muffins that they want. It's you tucking them into bed at night. It's you, showing them that not being there to do that every single night doesn't mean you don't love them. It's you showing them what being a parent actually looks like - working late sometimes, having a night out with friends, a date with your partner or even feeling so exhausted that you just need to hide out in your bedroom with a book and a cuppa.

So time to jump off that bloody perfection train and know that all the love you have in that big ole heart of yours is all enough for your kids, more than enough.

(And just letting you know that I have popped you award for Best Mum YOU Can Possibly Be in the mail for you).

With love from the mum who got a phone call from the mother of one of my daughter's friends begging me for my muffin recipe because her daughter said they were the best muffins she'd ever tasted. Thank you Mrs Green's packet mix!

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