Hello Lovely

I am an intuitive heart-centred life coach, mentor, writer and speaker helping women let go of perfection and guilt, reconnect with their inner wisdom and design the lives they really want.  

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But wait, there's more

My name is Leanne, but I also go by Lee, Lenny and Mum. My Netflix profile name is HRH but I will also answer to Empress or Your Majesty (a family joke that I wish reflected the reverence, or lack thereof, that they show me).

I am a woman who wears many hats - mum, wife, daughter, friend and business owner. Not to mention all

my past and present roles of chef, taxi driver, nurse, counsellor, personal assistant, bedtime storyteller and homework checker.  I've juggled with the best of them - tight work deadlines and sick kids, marriage and ageing parents, school lunches and sleepless nights, parent-teacher interviews and profit and loss statements.

My life has been filled with joy, and with challenges. I’ve raised two beautiful children and am married to a man

that I love even more than when I met him over thirty years ago (mind you that has not always been the case with some pretty major bumps along the way).  I've had to face the death of many friends and family members who were far too young to go. I’ve struggled with chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) and other health issues. 


I’ve succeeded (and failed) in business. I have a degree in literature and am a lifelong student, always looking for ways to learn and grow as a person. I’ve read a mountain of books and soaked up the wisdom and teachings of individuals I love and respect. I have a potentially unhealthy obsession with books and stationery and my desire is to have a room where every wall is filled from floor to ceiling with books. I am well on my way. 


Making a difference to people has always been my passion, my purpose. It’s hard-wired into my DNA, along

with a commitment to creating a world where there is less judgment and more compassion, where equity, diversity and inclusion are commonplace and where people feel heard, appreciated and loved for all of who they are. 


That's why I do this beautiful coaching. 

As your coach, here's who I am for you.


A deeply compassionate listener.

The kickass head of your cheerleading squad. 

Someone to hold your hand while you take that brave leap into the unknown.

Or a gentle shove when doubt creeps in.

The voice of reason, when your own voice is too shaky to be of any use.

A safe space as you explore new ways of being, in your work and family life. 

Someone to help you build a toolkit of valuable resources to support your growth. 

​And most importantly someone to remind you of the unique, incredible wise woman you are.

You may have lost sight of her for a while, but she's in there, possibly hidden

beneath a pile of dirty dishes and laundry, busting to get out.


It would be a privilege for me to help you find her again. 

Want to know more about the different coaching options?   

"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."
Dr. Maya Angelou

I am committed to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism in all areas of my life and work, which means - 

I will actively seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding of racism and discrimination with a clear intention of using my voice to increase awareness and help to cause change in these arenas.

I will celebrate diverse voices and perspectives through my platforms and by sharing with

the people in all of the communities I engage with. I will bring love and compassion to

these conversations with the hope of opening the hearts and minds of others.   

I will look to experts in these fields to help shine a light on areas where I can do better

and welcome their guidance on making the necessary changes in my life.

I will create a safe and honouring space for individuals of all race, gender, identity, sexuality

and ability to be seen, heard and honoured for the beautiful beings that they are.