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My intuitive heart-centred approach to coaching means I won’t be throwing theories and concepts and ideals at you. There will be no forcing you out of your comfort zones, no uncomfortable challenges or demands. There will only be gentle conversations where you’ll do most of the talking and I'll do the listening. 

This is your journey, not mine, your purpose-filled life to create. I’m just here to hold your hand, cheer you on and guide you in the right direction. Everything you need is already right there inside you. It’s just hidden from your view right now. But that's okay, because I can help you clear out what’s in the way of you seeing all the answers. 

Purpose Coaching

Do you feel like something is missing from your life? Lacking direction or purpose? 

I've been there. It's tough. You want to create what's next for your life but you don't know how or even what that is.

You're a bit stuck and you need someone to help you explore what's holding you back so you can get un-stuck and step into the next beautiful chapter of your life.

Project Coaching

You've created a brand new project and you're all set to take action when THAT voice kicks in (you know the one). Telling you that you're not good enough. Telling you that you'll fail.


Through our coaching sessions, we'll work on how you can push that little voice (and all the other barriers that pop up) aside, and see your project come to life! 

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”



Why me?

Making a difference to people has always been my purpose. It’s hard-wired into my DNA. It has driven my personal growth and desire to be the best version of myself I can be, so I can be that for you.


I’m here to live my life to the fullest, no regrets. To take risks, to be adventurous, make mistakes and say yes more often than no. To listen deeply, with compassion and a commitment to people feeling heard,  appreciated and loved.


I'm here to encourage less judgement and more acceptance, so people feel safe to speak up, to be who they are and to live the lives they desire.


It’s why I do this beautiful coaching. To help individuals like you reignite your creativity and passion, fulfil on your dream projects and rediscover your purpose.


So we can all look back and be proud of how we've lived, who we've become and what we have achieved. 


Some of the beautiful souls I have worked with.


Leanne coached me at the beginning of a creative project I had been dreaming about for years and was amazing. She basically helped me to kick start the project when I really didn’t think I could do it. Her questions were spot on and helped me to move forward even when I was stuck. Her wisdom and her knack of getting to the heart of what is going on, really helped me to plan, be in action and to keep moving forward even when my self doubt kicked in. I am now proud to say I have completed the project and am very grateful for Leanne for her coaching and believing in me. 

Sue, Creator of The Sparkle with Joy cards


I just love Leanne’s warm, heart-centred and non-judgemental approach to being a coach and mentor. She has the capacity to understand and speak to my business in a way I didn’t think possible. At all times she has treated my business venture as her own, nurturing a wonderfully trusting and solid connection between us. She brings a supportive, truthful and vibrant energy that has enhanced my business in so, so many ways. So grateful for her input and much praise for her skills!

Natalie, Founder of Earth Song Alchemy


From my first meeting with Leanne, I had that ‘feeling’ that she was the one for me!  Her ability to listen, and understand my needs, enabled her to pinpoint areas where she could support me in my business.  Her positive communication and encouragement was fabulous, and Leanne has a wonderful knack of knowing what to say and how to say it.  Leanne’s guidance and coaching has certainly given me the extra confidence to reach those hard goals with ease.  Thank you for being the amazing person you are!

Joanna, Celebrant & Wellbeing Practitioner

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