Ditch the guilt and create the biz-mum-life YOU really want

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Perfection not required 

Reconnect with your truest self

You have a beautiful family, great friends and a business you love.

But you're struggling to juggle it all. You feel like you are never going to be good enough.

You've spend so much time and energy on taking care of the people around you

(and you've done a brilliant job by the way, they are all thriving) that you've forgotten about your needs.

Don't you think that maybe it's time to put yourself back onto that priority list of yours?

My passion and purpose is to empower women to let go of perfection, ditch the guilt and

reconnect with their truest self so they can live the lives they really want. 

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How can I be of service?

90 min session

Are you feeling stuck? Do you

need some support or a gentle,

loving shove in the right direction?

For support, beautiful connections and great conversation, come join our community of incredible women committed to living their best lives.


12 week coaching series

Find the clarity you need to reconnect with your truest self and make the changes you want to be able to live the life YOU want. 

But Leanne, I'm not sure what I really need?
Not a problem lovely. That's what I'm here for.
You give me 30 minutes of your precious time and together we can nut out the next steps for you. 

There is no cost. It will be my pleasure. 

“She’s got that whole purpose-driven, change making, warrior princess,

super-mum thing going on.”

Leanne coached me at the beginning of a creative project I had been dreaming about for years and was amazing. She helped me to kick start the project when I really didn’t think I could do it. Her wisdom and her knack of getting to the heart of what is going on, really helped keep me moving forward even when my self doubt kicked in.  I am now proud to say I have completed the project and am very grateful for Leanne's coaching and her belief in me.  


Sue , The Light Sparkler


Kind words

Why work with a coach?

I am an intuitive, heart-centred life coach, mentor, speaker and aspiring author with a passion to empower women to know their true worth - as mothers, in their careers and most importantly, as women.

What's getting in the way of you having the life your truly want?

Want to let go of perfection and embrace your truest self? 

Find some freedom from the guilt.

Learn to say NO, without feeling like you're letting down the whole freakin' planet.

Change your mindset - great mum/partner/woman does not mean perfect (insert role).

Set clear boundaries both at work and home.

Stop putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list (if you make it on at all).

Reduce stress and overwhelm (YES this is possible).

Reclaim your creativity and have some fun.

Discover the lost art of delegation.

Find some of that self-lovin' balance you've been craving?